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Motion Design

Animation - Titles - Visuals - Editing - Banners - Cinematics

Graphic Design

Brand Identity - Art Direction - Packaging - Photography - Social Media Customization - Web Development

Visual Designer

Everything started observing everything that surrounded me, moments that happen once in a year or the human interaction with nature and the stories within it.

So I started self learning illustration which has evolved as Tacaluache, also experimenting with my 35mm cam. I studied Filmmaking and during that time I discovered motion design and got me hooked. A place where i can do everything i pleased, capturing video or photos then recording audio or making illustrations captured with stop motion technique and editing all the pieces on my computer and projecting the result or making it a web project.

My main focus is making motion graphics, projection mapping and art direction for startups, artists and brands, having the goal to use a creative approach and high quality graphics to deliver the better way to tell your story with visual images.


Contact: tedemaquina@gmail.com

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